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Monday, May 27, 2024

Meet the five guys from "Oxer´s Journey"


Sasix, Friglut, Oxer, Xiiocaris and Mx are the five guys that live the biggest adventure of their life in "Oxer´s Journey" the comic.

Sasix is just 17 years old but he is in a hurry to live. Somehow he managed to be part of the group that would go to Planet Earth. Hum!, maybe his aunt, a powerful woman from Iravila, the twin planet of Alivari, helped him a little bit.

Friglut is Oxer´s best friend from choldhood. At some point Friglut realizes that he needs to be part of this trip to be closer to Oxer. He has his own journey to self discovery.

Oxer is this little energetic promoter of the journey. He invite his friends to be part of this oddisey. But Oxer, be aware that traveling is not gonna help you to forget your first love, maybe you´ll get closer to him, who knows!

Xiiocaris is a cute guy from a small village in the mountains but soon he manages to fit in the cosmpolitan life of Magliaris Islands. He decides to go with Oxer as part of the group that will study on planet Earth.

Finally met Mx, an erdurean guy,  this race is clore to plants than to humans. This young scientific went to Iravila for studying "dogan" energy. Somehow he ended up atracted to Oxer´s orbit.

There are, of course, many more characters that are part of this exciting adventure coming soon!

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