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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Meet the five gals from "Oxer´s Journey"

These are the five gals from the "Oxer´s Journey". Three of them will be on the starship in which Oxer travels to our planet Earth. 

Wilmaralia is from planet Xiromidi. She has a twin sister, Zakira. Wilma is Oxer´s school mate, for some reasons she will be traveling to the Earth with Oxer.

Tina and Oxer are twin siblings. She will not be on the same ship as Oxer but she has her own story to tell.

Zakira is Wilmaralia´s twin sister. She is a pilot and will be assigned to the starship that will bring Oxer to our planet Earth. Zakira and Wilmaralia are from planet Xiromidi.

Izcarix is a soldier from planet Xiromidi. She is part of the crew that will bring Oxer to planet Earth.

Galicia will be Oxer´s best girl friend on planet Earth. She is the younger sister of Galiano, a successful tv personality.